Life is all about living it with creativity and passion. I would have never thought that such was so important but in the later years I have found this to be essential to life. Art is a great way to show and express a passion to life, the styling of the body, from hair to the general shape of the human body, art never ceases to amaze those who truly love it and live by it.

Looking at art is a skill, it’s like a win that ages with the years; being able to identify those tidbits that are expressive and that the author intended to pass on to the viewer. The design, the shape, the styling, a naked body with long hair, painted and ready to be admired. Be it a woman, or a man with short hair and a masculine silhouette. In fact, now that I mention hair, it is the hairstyles that are so varied with all hair types that can definitively bring on a picture of a male or a female. Hair, as we know it, has served a purpose in evolution and these days it is there to be admired too. Hair is dead as a biological tissue but it sure isn’t dead when it is styled in the many hairstyles that a man or woman can do.

Beauty comes from the inside, sure it does.

Struggling with the department of human services

Sketching weird old men on chat roulette

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one for my mate. guccigrey. paint on wood. 2012/13

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